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Frequently asked questions

What material is used

We use surgical grade stainless steel which meets the guidelines set out by of ASTM F899 – 95.

The plier has become loose or has lost its grip. What should I do

No problem! It can sometimes happen when the plier has been used for a long period of time. Just let us know and we will fix the problem to your satisfaction for FREE!


NURIKON is the parent company. Orthodontic Pliers is a subsidiary of NURIKON.

You claim your are products are high quality product but still affordable. How is that possible

We don’t know why other services don’t offer better quality at affordable pricing. However, we can explain to you why we do: our indigenous design, better selection of material, and optimized manufacturing processes makes it possible for us to offer our products at an affordable price to our customers. Additionally, all our products are CE marked and are backed by a 5-year warranty.

Where are you located

We are located in Sialkot, Pakistan.

How do I place an order

Please fill out the order form by entering all the item numbers and quantities you wish to purchase. Please send the form to our email address at: nurikonintl@gmail.com. Once we receive your email, one of our team members will respond to it within 24 hours and will guide you with the next steps.

How do I track my order

Once our team has dispatched your order to the courier service, they will send you an email containing the tracking number. Please use that tracking number to keep track of your package(s).

How can I pay

For individual payments, you can either pay by a credit card, wire transfer or Western Union.

What is the minimum order

You should order at least 10 pliers to qualify for free shipping. When the amount of the order is 300$ or above, you will qualify for free shipping.

How much does the shipping cost

The cost of shipping depends on the freight of the package being delivered and is determined by the courier service. However, when the amount of the order is 300$ or above, you will get free shipping.

Do you offer any discount

Please contact us for further details.

Are NURIKON products CE marked

Yes, all NURIKON products are CE marked.

Are your products approved by the FDA

Yes, we have been registered with the FDA for over 24 years.